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AN 35

Front tractor loader  An 35 is suitable for tractors from 50 - 75 KM.

Special attention is paid to mounting parts and they are designed as close as possible against the center of gravity of the tractor. Proper selection of the loader and the installation of the mounting parts ensure safe operation and optimum lifting power. The quality of the mounting parts ensures that the loaders' performance on the tractor is minimized. Installation of all connections is carried out in our company.

Loader is made from quality and durable materials.The quick and easy mounting a loader on a tractor allows you constant readiness for use, since it's only installed within a few minutes. Lubricating sliding bushes are installed in all loader. 

Advantages of our loaders:

  • unique mounting parts throughout the tractor to the rear axle,
  • robust construction with high quality materials,
  • sliding bushes,
  • excellent visibility from the cabin.

You can choose from a large and sophisticated system of additional attachment tools:



Loader equipment

Tehnični podatki

Suitable for tractors 30 - 55 kW / 45 - 75 KM
Weight, lifting arms without implement 390 kg
Q4 - Lifting force in the implement’s pivot point 1400 kg
A - Maximum lift height in the implement’s pivot point 3200 mm
B - Dump height 2400 mm
C - Dump width 500 mm
D - Digging depth 150 mm
alfa - Tilt angle 60°
beta - Dump angle 50°